Job Seekers: Are You Living for the Weekends?

Are you a TGIF person? Do you slog unenthusiastically through the workweek, counting the days and hours until the weekend begins? If so, was it always this way? Was there a time when you were excited about your career and (even if you’d never admit it now) looked forward to seeing what each new workweek brought?

Employers: 5 Collaboration Workplace Mechanisms

There are numerous techniques for facilitating an organization’s learning atmosphere. In his book “NGO Leadership and Human Rights,” Richard K. Ghere suggested that the collective learning experience is crucial to a successful workplace.

Job Seekers: 9 Career-Damaging Bad Listening Habits

It seems “busyness” is the measure of success these days. We power through our emails, conference calls, and business lunches at breakneck speed. All this frantic activity has taken a toll on our patience.

Employers: 6 Components of a 
 Positive Workplace Culture

There’s no denying that this isn’t your father’s Corporate America. Since Don Draper’s day, workplaces have become more casual, more connected, more innovative, and more flexible. But have they become fun? Maybe so, or at least, that’s what the latest crop of employees hope to find when they settle into their new environment.

Job Seekers: You Need A 90-Second Commercial

If you’re a job seeker, you can bet you’ll run into the request, “Tell me about yourself.” You can also bet that your interviewer isn’t looking for an answer like: “Well, I’m a Pisces. I like to read sci-fi novels. I have a pet rabbit named Sesame.”

Employers: 7 Issues With Bring Your Own Device

Dual-service technologies have the ability to propose security difficulties to the nonprofits that distribute them to their employees. Specific controls vary depending on the device and the mobile platform that it uses.

10 Conversations Undermining Strategy, Killing Performance

Did you know that the business world, in general, is a vast network of interrelated conversations? It’s true. And your organization is a microcosm of that network. What this means, according to Daniel F. Prosser, is that the conversations that take place between your team members are incredibly important. In fact, they’re everything.

7 Ways to Spot Entrepreneurial DNA

As the market continues to improve, your organization might finally be plugging some holes in the workforce and even creating new positions. But as you shuffle through résumés, don’t get too hung up on finding the perfect mixture of background and technical skills.

5 Ways To Get A Promotion

Promotion is a way of recognizing talent, rewarding hard work and ensuring continuity within an organization.

6 Ground Rules For Your Cover Letter

Job applications generally consist of two documents: The resume and the cover letter. While resumes have a set form, cover letters seem to have free reign. Creativity is always a good thing when it comes to cover letter writing, but there are still some guidelines you need to follow.

8 Do’s And Don’ts After a Job Rejection

Bouncing back after being rejected for a job can be a difficult task. This is especially true if it was a job for which you had really high hopes.

Being rejected for a job is the ultimate bruise to your ego. It can make you rethink your worth as a professional, and you’ll probably start to wonder what it is they didn’t like about you? Having self-confidence is key to a successful job search, so it’s important to tend to your damaged pride before you start your work again.

Transitioning From Buddy To Boss

You’ve worked hard. You’ve stayed late. You’ve been a team leader. And, finally, you’ve gotten that promotion. Now what? Build that team, train those new hires, push all the papers, and create great results. It’s significantly different than the job you used to do.

6 Ways To Ace A Video Job Interview

Video job interviews are an increasingly popular way for employers to talk with prospective employees. If you are not prepared for the intricacies of video chatting programs, you could find yourself left in the dust.

While having an interview on a program like Skype can save you time, it can take some time to get used to talking through a video camera. There are other hurdles to get past once you get over the initial awkwardness. One of those potential problems is not knowing the full capabilities of the technology. For example, did you know you can enable screens sharing so that you can show the hiring manager your resume or other important documents?

Why Being An Older Job Seeker Isn’t A Liability

Hiring managers will never admit it but when they receive a job application from an older job seeker, they probably look at it with at least some hesitation.

While there is no denying they bring a lot of experience to the table, there is a school of thought that says older employees are not as desirable as younger ones. It’s thought that a younger worker will bring more energy to the table and will bring valuable knowledge about new technology to the organization. It’s probably true that someone in their 20s will know more about Twitter than someone in their 60s, but that doesn’t mean job seekers who are more experienced should be ignored.